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Flu Vaccination 2017/18     

We offer a Flu vaccination service to those of our patients who meet NHS eligibility criteria.  Nasal spray immunisation will be available for eligible children from mid-October.  Flu vaccination is recommended for all pregnant women but not when no longer pregnant unless other risk factors present.

All vaccinations will be given in appointments this year:

  • Attending an appointment with one of our nursing staff? You will probably be able to have your vaccination then - let the nurse/HCA know that you want the flu jab too.  If they confirm you are eligible but are unable to vaccinate you at that time for any reason, please book a Flu clinic appointment when you return to Reception.  This service started on 15th September but may be paused at any time if sufficient vaccination stock is not available.

  • Otherwise, book a Flu Clinic appointment - in person at Reception, over the phone or ideally online via Patient AccessPlease do not book an appointment unless you are confident you are eligible - appointment bookings will be checked and appointments cancelled where patients are ineligible.

Winter 2017 Flu Clinics - Bookable Appointments only

Wed 20th Sept - from 11.30am Tues 26th Sept - from 12 noon  
Sat 7th Oct - from 9am Tues 17th Oct - from 4.30pm Fri 20th Oct - from 11.45am
Further shorter clinics were available throughout November & December
Appointments will continue to be available through January 2018


Where eligible, vaccination for Pneumo (aged 65 and over by 31/3/18) and/or Shingles (aged 70-74, or 78-79 on 1/9/17, no longer eligible once turn 80 - check Shingles vaccination eligibility online here) can be received at the same time.  Younger patients may be eligible for Pneumo vaccination due to a clinical condition but will be offered this opportunistically by the nursing team outside of the seasonal Flu clinics.  Most people only need one Pneumococcal vaccination in their lifetime however with certain health conditions protection is likely to decline over time so we may identify you as eligible to receive a booster every 5 years.


We were unable to obtain Pneumo vaccine for a time and it was anticipated that there would be insufficient Pneumo vaccine available to vaccinate all healthy 65 and over year olds this winter (there being no major concerns about delaying vaccination for a few months or a year).  However we currently have Pneumo vaccine stock - please contact us to re-book if you have missed Pneumo vaccination.


Frequently Asked Questions about eligibility/vaccination arrangements:

for Child Flu queries, see section below

  • I have an egg allergy, can I have Flu vaccination?  Anyone with a history of severe anaphylactic reaction to egg which has required intensive care needs referral to a specialist for vaccination in hospital however all other adults and children should be able to be immunised by us -  the vaccines we will use (Sanofi inactivated injection & Fluenz Tetra nasal spray) have ovalbumin contents within the range judged to be safe (less than 0.06μg/0.5ml dose - see information on and lower ovalbumin vaccines are available if required.  When you attend please let the vaccinating clinician know about any allergies and they will manage you/your child according to the guidelines.

  • I have asthma, am I eligible for Flu vaccination?  Possibly not - only severe asthmatics are eligible (steroid issued/hospital admission in the last 12 months).  If you haven't had an Asthma review for over a year, we would advise you book that with us and the nurse will advise you further (and should be able to provide vaccination at that appointment if you are eligible and stock is available)

  • Do you provide Flu vaccinations for carers? Not if you are employed to deliver care - please check vaccination arrangements with your employer. If you are in receipt of carer’s allowance or are the main carer of an elderly/disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill, we can vaccinate you on the NHS if you are a registered patient with us and have also registered with us as a Carer - pick up a Carers Pack from reception to register if you have not already done so.  There is a form to complete which must be returned and entered onto your record before you will be identified as eligible for Flu vaccination.

  • I can't get to the surgery, can I have vaccination at home? Where a community nurse is regularly visiting, they will normally provide Flu/Pneumo/Shingles vaccination - please ask your nurse directly regarding arrangements.  We will make arrangements to visit patients registered with us as housebound who are eligible for Flu however this is likely to be later in the Flu season (Nov/Dec).  The decision to register you as housebound rests with your GP - please ask if you would like to query your status.  In all other instances we would ask you to attend the surgery if you would like vaccination.

  • It looks like I am ineligible for vaccination under NHS criteria, can I still be vaccinated? Flu vaccination can be obtained privately via most major supermarket and pharmacy chains if you are aged 16 and over and is relatively inexpensive.  Some of these providers also offer private nasal flu vaccination for children.  If you have a clinical condition and you believe you should qualify for an NHS vaccination but our system is not showing you as eligible, please speak to your GP - if they agree that there is a clinical risk, we can provide vaccination.  Vaccination can also be provided in this way for our patients who are living with an immunocompromised individual who would be at risk should they catch flu.

  • I do not want the Flu vaccination, please can you stop inviting me?  We have a responsibility to invite at-risk patients every year but once you have declined vaccination that year, we should not invite you again - please ask any staff member to record this on your notes.  You would be invited again the following year so if you do not want any further invites, please make this clear to us in writing so we can add this note to your record however a manual process is needed each year to pick up so this may not be foolproof.

CHILD FLU VACCINATION 2017/18 - also see the NHS Choices website


The main Child Flu clinic was held on Saturday 4th Nov 2017
Appointments were available through December 2017
Nasal Flu has a limited shelf life - we have some appointments available 22/1/18 to 29/1/18 but cannot guarantee availability of stock after that date


Our vaccination service covers children with qualifying clinical conditions ('at risk') and all children aged 2 and 3 on August 31 2017 (born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2015).


Healthy children in Reception & school years 1-4 will be offered immunisation at school - if missed, please ask for vaccination at a Boots Hub.  Please do not book for vaccination here as GP practices in the Bristol area are not contracted to provide Flu vaccination to well school-age children.


The vaccine of choice for 2 to 17 year olds is Fluenz Tetra® which is a live vaccine containing porcine (pig) gelatin, delivered intranasally.  It has been approved by Jewish and Muslim faith groups but cannot be given to people who:

  • are severely allergic to eggs/egg proteins or any of the vaccine ingredients such as gentamicin or gelatin

  • have had MMR or BCG vaccine in the last 4 weeks

  • have a weakened immune system as a result of disease or other treatment

Children with any contraindications to the nasal flu vaccine, or aged between 6 months and 2 years old, will be offered the inactivated intramuscular flu vaccine instead, or please advise the nurse when you attend if you are requesting injection instead of nasal flu vaccination. Most children will only need a single dose of vaccine however children at clinical risk who are less than 9 years old and have not previously received flu vaccine, will need a second dose 4 weeks after the first. You will be advised by the nurse if a second dose is required.


If there is no clinical indication for your child to have the inactivated flu injection it is not a simple matter to request this instead of nasal flu immunisation. Boots are only able to give nasal flu immunisation to the school-age children they are contracted to provide for (whether at school or at one of their Hub pharmacies). You may be able to obtain a private flu injection for your child however we are not able to recommend any providers for this.  If your child is included in our 2-3 year old vaccination service, your request for the injection would need to be agreed by a GP - nurses cannot give the injectable flu vaccination to healthy children without a Patient Specific Direction from a doctor.