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EMIS Patient Access - click here for website

    EMIS Patient Access
 (click on logo or hyperlink to access) 

We offer our patients the use of a secure website for Patient Facing Services including:

You can also now use Patient Access to see if any other organisations have viewed your shared record in the last 12 months - see Data Sharing for more information.

See below for more information and/or click here for help with EMIS Patient Access

Users must abide by our Terms and Conditions for online access

To register for EMIS Patient Access (also known as Patient Facing Services):

  • Please attend the surgery in person and ask at Reception
  • Once we have verified your identity a document will be printed with your log-on details and instructions for you to complete your registration yourself online at home

If you have problems when you try to register you will need to ask for your Patient Access to be re-set and another registration document printed so you can try again. If you cannot come to the surgery you can phone us - we will need to verify your identity and can then generate a new 'Linkage Key' for you to use together with the other numbers from your original registration document (ODS Code & Account ID, which do not change) to try registering again.

Applying for online access on behalf of another registered patient:

  • You can request online access if you are a parent/carer of other patients registered here - you will need to complete an additional form which must be returned before your registration document can be printed.  This requires signed consent from any patient aged 11 or over.  Please ask at Reception for this form (pre-merged with patient details) or click on the appropriate link below for a blank form:

Parent of child under 16:    Word     Pdf                 Carer:    Word    Pdf

  • Parents/carers using online access on behalf of an 11-15 year old should only have access to Test results with the child's permission, due to potential confidentiality issues.
  • Parent/carer access will be removed when the child is 16 years old. Parent/carer access may be removed from the age of 11 at the child’s request with the agreement of his/her GP - again this GP must be familiar with the child in order to grant this request.


  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your EMIS Access details are not used by anyone else.  If you lose your log-in details you can request a user ID reminder and/or password reset from the Patient Access website if you provided an email address and mobile phone number when registering.  The practice does not have access to your password.  If you have forgotten your password, we cannot reset it for you, we can only cancel your registration and issue a new registration document - you will need to use these new details to re-register.

  • We will be monitoring the use of this service.  If we find that a user is abusing the service, we will issue a warning letter.  Where the situation does not improve, or recurs, access will be removed.  Examples of inappropriate use are:
    • booking appointments and not turning up for them
    • booking appointments for other family members using your name
    • consistently booking inappropriate appointments with the doctor

Prescriptions Online

  • The message box in Patient Access Prescriptions should only be used for comments relating to your selected prescription(s). We cannot action requests for medication that is not on your repeat list, nor reply to any questions raised within this message box.

Appointments Online

  • Routine GP plus a limited range of other appointment types can be booked online.  Please book a 'General Appointment' unless you are sure you meet the criteria for a different appointment type.  For minor illness please see the advice below.  Please do not book an appointment if you only need repeat medication or medical paperwork completing -  for information about making an administrative request, click here

  • GPs in this practice do not prescribe antibiotics for infections which usually get better on their own such as colds and flu - please self-care or ask for advice at a local pharmacy. If appropriate you can telephone to ask for a minor illness nurse appointment - click here for further information

  • All your upcoming appointments will be listed online, whether booked online or not. This may include telephone appointments made by the practice to contact you - please only cancel appointments that you have made and you are sure you do not require

 Care Record Online

 When you apply for Patient Access, you can ask Reception for online access to:

  • No part of your Care Record  OR
  • your Core Record (Allergies & Medication)  OR
  • more detailed Record Access (Allergies & Medication plus Immunisations and/or Test Results. Test results after 31/12/15 include comments made by practice clinicians where available)

Existing users of online access:

  • You are likely only to have access to your Core Record (Allergies & Medication)
  • Test Results and Immunisations were viewable for most users from 31/3/16 however this access has mostly been removed as part of the technical work required to enable access to coded data on illnesses from 22/7/16
  • Please ask at Reception if you would like online access to Immunisations and/or Test Results (including any comments made by practice clinicians for Test results after 31/12/15) or if you would like to disable all Care Record access.

Access to coded information on illnesses in your Care Record:

  • Access to Problems & Consultation data (not including freetext information or documents) can be applied for by completing a request form - if you ask at Reception, we can print a form from your patient record, so it is pre-completed with your information
  • This additional record access will only be considered for patients accessing their own data (not parents/carers) and must be applied for in person, with proof of identification.
  • On application, we will review your medical record with the aim of removing sensitive information (e.g. relating to third parties) and/or items likely to cause harm or distress from online visibility before granting access.