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Self Care Apps

HANDi (Apple/Android - free download) - expert support for common childhood illnesses

ESC Student (Apple/Android coming soon - cost to download) - helping students answer common health questions

Health and Fitness Tracker Apps on NHS Choices


Parental Advice for common childhood conditions

Bedwetting / Continence issues (link to resources from CCHP & ERIC)

Bronchiolitis (Bristol CCG leaflet)

Chickenpox (Bristol CCG leaflet)

Croup (Bristol CCG leaflet)

Diarrhoea & Vomiting (Bristol CCG leaflet)

Emotional Health issues (Bristol CCG link to directory of services)

Febrile Convulsions (Bristol CCG leaflet)

Feverish Illness (Bristol CCG leaflet)

Head Injury (Bristol CCG leaflet)

Sore Throat (Bristol CCG leaflet)


St George Health Centre Advice leaflets

Ear Wax