Covid and Flu Vaccinations

All our clinics will be Covid and Flu combined as they can be given together

The National and Bristol Guidance have confirmed this is completely safe

Covid Vaccination Clinics

COVID-19 Autumn Booster Campaign

An Autumn booster of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is being offered to:

You should wait 3 months after your previous dose.

All Covid Clinics will be held at St George, if you are unable to attend at this site, please call 119 for alternative clinics.

Our current available clinics dates are:-

  • Saturday 1st October 2022
  • Saturday 8th October 2022

Vaccine Offered

We offer Pfizer Bivalent or Moderna Bivalent vaccines to our patients.  Should you require an alternative to what we have available on the day, please check local walk-in clinics or the National Booking Service where you can book online or call 119.

When attending for vaccination please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early. 

When attending, please wear appropriate clothing for easy access to the upper arm.

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid.

We are unable to administer a vaccine to anyone who has had a positive test in the last 28 days.

NHS Covid Pass

See the NHS website for details of the different ways you can obtain an NHS Covid Pass to prove your vaccination status, e.g. for holidays abroad.

The easiest way to view your Covid Pass for anyone aged 13 or over is via the NHS App - you do not need to contact us to set this up (even for 13-15yr olds), just create an NHS login and verify your identity

The NHS App COVID Pass will: 

  • provide a record of COVID-19 vaccinations received

  • show evidence of recovery for 180 days following a positive NHS PCR test  The practice does not provide Covid Recovery Certificates - you can obtain this for a cost from private companies if required

You can now tell the NHS about vaccinations you had abroad - see the NHS website to book (may be a queue)

If your Covid Pass information is not correct you will need to contact the site who gave your vaccination to ask for correction we cannot add to or amend the national records unless we vaccinated you If you cannot contact your vaccinating site please call 119 and ask the call agent to make a referral to the VDRS team on your behalf. The VDRS team will call you back within 5 working days

Who can and cannot receive a vaccination

If you or your family/friends have concerns about receiving the vaccine, viewing these FAQ videos made by a Bristol GP may help

Under current advice you should not be vaccinated if you:

  • have had a positive Covid-19 test in the last 4 weeks
  • are generally unwell - try to have it as soon as possible after you have recovered
  • are self-isolating, waiting for a COVID-19 test or unsure if you are fit and well
  • have had Shingles vaccination in the previous 7 days (this is a live vaccine - you can now receive Flu vaccination at the same time as Covid vaccination)

Vaccine specifics

  • If you have ever had a serious allergic reaction to medicines, vaccines or food you are advised not to receive the Pfizer vaccine. The AstraZeneca vaccine can be given unless you have had a previous severe allergic reaction to another vaccine
  • If you are aged under 30 or have a history of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, acquired or hereditary
    thrombophilia, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia or antiphospholipid
    syndrome, an alternative vaccine to AstraZeneca is recommended 
  • If you are aged 16-17 you should receive the Pfizer vaccine - the AstraZeneca & Moderna vaccines are not licensed for under 18's

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Last updated Sept21

  • There have been no specific safety concerns identified with any brand of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines in relation to pregnancy
  • Pregnant women with COVID-19 have a higher risk of intensive care admission than women of the same age who are not pregnant. Women with COVID-19 disease are also 2 to 3 times more likely to have their babies early than women without COVID-19. Pregnant women with underlying clinical conditions are at even higher risk of suffering serious complications from COVID-19
  • based on real world data from Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations in the US, the JCVI now advises (Apr21) that these are the preferred vaccines for pregnant women to receive
  • Pregnant women who have already received a first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine should continue to receive AstraZeneca for their 2nd dose vaccination (unless otherwise contraindicated)
  • Women who are trying to become pregnant do not need to avoid pregnancy after vaccination
  • There is no known risk associated with giving non-live vaccines whilst breastfeeding - breastfeeding women may be offered any suitable Covid-19 vaccine

For more information, please see:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose a particular Covid-19 vaccine?

No - when you book into a vaccination clinic you will be given the vaccine we have been supplied for that date. 

A rare blood clotting side-effect has been identified with AstraZeneca vaccine with anyone aged under 40 recommended to receive a different vaccine.  But if you have had your 1st dose without incident, you should continue to receive your 2nd dose. You cannot choose to receive a different vaccine unless there is a clinical contraindication.

Please see our upcoming vaccination clinic information at the top of this page for vaccine on offer.  We would advise reading the patient information for both Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines so you are prepared to consent for either vaccination.

The Moderna vaccine has also been approved for use however we do not expect to receive this.

Can I stop you inviting me for Covid-19 vaccination?

If you wish to DECLINE vaccination, please let us know - we will record this on your notes and will not then invite you again.

If you are booked or received vaccination elsewhere, please let us know - we do not otherwise know that you have booked elsewhere and we do not always get notification that vaccination given.

You can email this information to


I can't get to the surgery, can I have vaccination at home?

We have now completed our initial housebound Covid vaccination program - we will be contact soon to arrange a time to deliver your Spring booster.

If we do not have you recorded as housebound we would advise you to attend a local walk-in clinic for vaccination.


I am not a registered patient, can I be vaccinated?

Yes, if:

  • you are currently living away from your usual GP practice and cannot get to a Mass Vaccination Centre - to book you will need to know your NHS Number and Date of Birth
  • you are a local resident registered with a private GP - if you are not called by the National Booking Service, you can book directly if you already have an NHS Number or you could register with us to obtain an NHS number 
  • you are not a usual resident of this country but are currently staying here - without an NHS number you will be unable to use the normal booking system however you can be vaccinated and your vaccination added electronically onto the national system

Covid-19 vaccinations are being delivered through Primary Care Networks (PCNs). 

Fireclay Health is part of the FOSS PCN (Fireclay and Old School Surgery) PCN - staff from both practices initially working together to deliver vaccination clinics at our Lodgeside Surgery site.  With revised cold-chain requirements, Old School Surgery are now delivering vaccines at their own site - you can read their information about Covid-19 vaccination here

If you would like to volunteer to provide support to the mass vaccination programme you can email

English not your first language?  See the Healthier Together website for more information about Covid-19 and the vaccine in other languages


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