Video Consultations

We are now able to offer video consultations where appropriate.  Appointments start as a telephone call then if a video consultation would be useful, the clinician will ask if they can send you a text message with the link to our video consult software (Whereby, with the link being sent by AccuRx - this is the software used in the demonstration video opposite/below)

This works best if you have a Smartphone, so you can simply click on the link to open the video consultation software directly. 

Alternatively you can type the link into a web browser on a computer for access - as links are long and complex it is best to ask the clinician to put the weblink through a URL shortener such as to get a shorter link which will be easier for you to type.  You can ask for the short link to be texted to you or read out to you over the phone - please make sure you are next to your computer so you can enter the link immediately and check it works.  We cannot currently send links by email.

Please check you can successfully access the video software link before you hang up the phone however you will not be able to start a video consult on your mobile whilst still on a call.

Video Consultation Help and Troubleshooting

Please see AccuRx Help pages for advice and guidance with video consultations, particularly:

What to do when sent a video link

Joined consult but problems seeing or hearing each other?