BAME Health Matters

We recognise that some health conditions are more prevalent in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people:

  • Coronary heart disease is more common among South Asians
  • Diabetes is five times higher among South Asians than the general population and three times higher for people from African and Caribbean backgrounds
  • haemoglobinopathies (thalassemia or sickle cell) disorders

Please help us to look after you, for example by attending Long Term Condition reviews

Language Support

You have a right to ask for language support. 

We use Language Empire for telephone translation and interpretation services

Brown and Black Skin

We recognise that skin conditions present differently in brown and black skin.  Our clinicians have access to a suite of materials on our TeamNet intranet site to help them identify these conditions to reduce inequality.

Having darker skin is a risk factor for Vitamin D deficiency - to stay healthy you may want to consider taking supplements